Resurrection Power & Living Bread Ministries

General Church History

Resurrection Power & Living Bread Ministries International initially started as BETHELEHEM EVANGELISTIC GROUP (B’HAM) at Santasi, suburb of Kumasi in the late 1970’s. It was started by a group of the local Scripture Union. At one of the Scripture Union meetings, the Late Rev. Francis Akwasi Amoako who was already an evangelist announced that prayer was the foundation leading to greatness and success of Jesus ministry. He was therefore looking for volunteers to pray together specially at night\, just as Jesus did.

Members of the Scripture Union who responded to this calling and later became the core members of B’ham were Elvis Asare Bediako, now Bishop Akwasi Asare Bediako – General Overseer of Resurrection Power & Living Bread Ministries International, Richard Owusu, Rev. Richard Owusu – Deputy General Overseer of Resurrection Power & Living Bread Ministries, Mrs.  Sandra Attakorah, the Late Rev. Bernard Asamaoh of Assemblies of God Church, Peter Baidoo and Joyce Tuffour, all under the leadership of the founder, the Late Rev. Francis Akwasi Amoako.

The group had its prayer meetings in a cocoa farm at the outskirts at Santasi. They were later joined by members of the singing band of the local Methodist church for unity of purpose – spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ who in their zeal to fulfill the Great Commission, periodically organized ‘dawn broadcast’ to preach to the local people.

The Late Rev. Amoako and some who were members of both the Scripture Union and the Singing Band of the Methodist Church had an encounter with the fetish priest of Santasi which displeased the leadership of the Methodist Church. This led to the resignation of the members belonging to the local Methodist Church. They however continued with the prayer meetings in the cocoa farm under the trees.
The leadership of the group as it expanded and like any functional organization were known to be, the Late Rev. Francis Akwasi Amaoko (Director and Founder), Akwasi Asare Bediako (Deputy Leader), Richard Owusu, (Treasurer), Peter Baidoo (secretary) and the Late Bernard Asamoah (member).

As they continued to fellowship under the trees, the late Rev. Amoako then (Brother Amoako) and those who resigned from the Methodist church joined the Assemblies of God church in Santasi. The late Rev. Amoako later became the leader of the Santasi Assemblies of God. With his Evangelistic zeal and direction, he opened three more branches under his wing led by Rt. Rev. Akwasi Asare Bediako then Brother Elvis (Adiembra), Rev. Richard Owusu then Brother Owusu (Hemang Assembly) and the late Bernard Asamoah then brother Asamoah (Trede Assembly).

The Lord used this group so much so that the leadership of the Assemblies of God Church, Rev. The Lord used this group so much so that the leadership of Assemblies of God Church, Rev. Danquah – superintendent of the Southern Ghana Assemblies directed that the late Rev. Amoako and his other leaders attend Bible school in order to become Pastors of the Churches. This directive was however not acceptable to Rev. Amoako and his other Leaders. The Late Asamoah however accepted the directive and upon completion of Bible School, was ordained a Minister of Assemblies of god Church until his death.

The refusal of the late Rev. Amoako, Brother Elvis and Brother Owusu to attend Bible School led to the group losing recognition with the Assemblies of God Church. Following persistent harassment and innuendos, the leadership of the group withdrew from Assemblies of God Church in 1983 and did not belong to any parent church until Living Bread Christian Centre was established. The group under the name B’ham continued as a non-denominational worship centre at Santasi, winning souls and sending new converts to various churches especially the Assemblies of God church.

In 1985, due to mispronunciation of the abbreviation of Bethlehem Evangelistic Group (B’HAM) as BELAM, the leader s agreed and changed the name of the group to resurrection Power Evangelistic Ministries.

In 1987, Evangelist Akwasi  Asare Bediako had a vision to establish a church. He conferred with Evangelist Richard Owusu and they both informed the late Rev. Amoako but he declined the suggestion because that was not his calling. The two were patient and respected the view of their leader. They however continued in prayer concerning the vision. Meanwhile, the fellowship continued to grow in Ghana.

In 1989, after nearly two years of prayer, the late Rev. Amoako gave Rev. Akwasi Asare Bediako permission to establish the church when realized that some of the new converts were staying away from going to church. With massive support from Rev. Richard Owusu, Rev. Adu Gyamfi, Rev. Nana Osei and Rev. Kwame   Wusu, LIVING BREAD CHRISTIAN CENTRE was established and adored at Achimota Forest in Accra. The Kumasi branch was established one week later.
A few months later within the same year, Rev. Asare Bediako had a vision to expand the church abroad, specifically in Amsterdam –Holland. He shared this vision with both the late Rev. Amoako and Rev. Owusu who both welcomed it. Necessary steps were taken and the Amsterdam Branch was birthed followed with a branch at London both in December 1989 just before Rev. Amoako was taken into Glory.

Even though Rt.Rev.Asare Bediako and Rev. Richard Owusu established the church, they recognize the late Rev. Amoako, founder and leader of Resurrection Power evangelistic Ministries as the unofficial leader of the church until the LORD called him home to eternity in March 1990.

Deputy Director Rev. Akwasi Asare Bediako of Resurrection Power Evangelistic Ministries took over as the General Overseer of the two ministries. Rev. Richard Owusu who was the Associate Director and member of the core group and executives of the fellowship became the Deputy General overseer.

In 1983, the two ministries were registered as one church under the name RESURRRECTION POWER & LIVING BREAD MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL. Meanwhile, some of the overseas branches which later became churches still maintained the name of Resurrection Power Evangelistic Ministries. To date, there are over one hundred and fifty branches of the Church worldwide.